Peerada Meemalayath

Peerada is a first generation Asian American and as an actor, activist, and overall artist, she one day strives to open up her own theater company that focuses on pressing societal issues. Recently, she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Theater B.F.A. degree. Though she is mostly trained in the Stanislavski method and Contemporary works, she has also studied classical work such as Shakespeare and Chekhov. She has also studied other performative skills like dance, mask work, movement, voice, stage combat, accents, musical theater, clowning, commedia dell’arte and film acting. These various tools ultimately allow Peerada to create her own work on what she is most passionate about. Peerada strongly believes in adopting theater as a catalyst for social change. Whether she devises new work individually or by collaborating with other other artists on narratives that focus on a voice for the voiceless, she ultimately gives back to the world with her art. Overall, as a human being and as an artist, Peerada wants to leave the world knowing that she left a positive impact. She wishes to affect people and to share ideas of equality and love with others.