Ian Harvey Stone

I’m an independent theatre maker. I create interactive and immersive theatre, cabaret, comedy and magic. I’ve played Edinburgh and Brighton fringe with the 5 star rated award winning "Devil Without’ and performed Off-Broadway, the West End, toured Asia and all around the UK. I’m the artistic director of Cavort Theatre, a company dedicated to pushing boundaries and challenging the notions of what constitutes performance. Lately, I’ve created immersive work in Shakespeare’s house, the Boomtown Festival and devised a puppetry performance in hospitals for stroke patients at their bedside. I’m fortunate to travel frequently and I’m never happier then when I am experiencing new cultures, traditions and practices which I can integrate into my work.
I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles. I don’t know why, though it seemed a capital idea at the time. I don’t tan, so you’ll probably see me darting from shade to shade.