Lindsey Loon

I see. I share. I laugh. Sometimes others join me.
Includes a 90 second showreel that starts with a slap in the face.
I am an actor, aspiring director, and Film Festival Director. I always welcome creative collaborators and am constantly looking for short films and feature films for a project I run called Connect Film Festival. Connect Film Festival has had events in Los Angeles, Austin Texas, Boston Mass, and Melbourne Australia, it is a creative network and filmmaker’s hive: We have been voted a “Top 100 Best Reviewed Festival” out of over 4,600 festivals in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Awards are IMDb listed and our filmmakers include an Academy Award nominated director and multiple Project Greenlight finalists alongside new filmmakers. Connect filmmakers are approachable and support each other in this international community of creatives. We would love to see your best film work made any year— send, share, reach out! Contact info on all my sites.