Morgan Smith

Morgan is an intimacy director, actor, and writer whose mission is to make the unseen feel seen.

Her film, Sinked Up, an Official Selection at Outfest 2019, got written up by Women in Hollywood as part of a “cultural moment [that] has women coming together like never before.”

As an intimacy director, she’s committed to telling stories with choreography while creating a safe® space on set.

At The LA LGBT Center, she directed the youth theater program, helping members ages 14 – 22 create original works around sexual health, including power dynamics, gender roles, gender identity, sexual orientation, consent, and more.

As part of her Theater Arts minor at Boston University, she studied Lecoq, Grotowski, and Linklater. She furthered her studies at l’Accdemia dell’arte in Italy, where she dove into commedia dell’arte, basic stunts, clowning, and contact improv. She has completed the 6-week Consent & Boundaries Course at Centaury Co., Introduction to Gender & Sexuality at Intimacy Professionals Association, and is obtaining her intimacy certification at Intimacy Directors and Coordinators.

She’s thrilled, honored, and all of the feels to work with this insanely talented cast and crew.