Brionne Davis

Brionne Davis most recently directed AUTO DA FE in Los Angeles receiving considerable accolades in this directorial debut. He recently returned from NYC to shoot FIRE CITY and and decided to stay home. In NY Brionne starred in Sam Shepard’s TRUE WEST at THEATRE ROW. While receiving stellar reviews for his role as LEE he was also busy filming WITCHES OF OZ, a feature film starring CHRISTOPHER LLOYD and directed by Leigh Scott. Then he played Adolff Eichmann in WALLENBERG at the SoHo Playhouse, NYC. He has produced,developed, and created many original works always inspired and inspiring. Currently he is preparing for another film that shoots mid to late July and will be gearing up to remount a surprise production of (can’t tell you yet). Brionne has starred in or had principle roles in over 30 indie films (REST STOP2, WITCHES OF OZ, FIRE CITY, AGENT FIVE among the many) and countless theatrical productions across the country. Brionne’s dedication and perseverance always leads accolades by the media and to those with whom he works, always “elevating any production he is involved with”. He is most known for his unpredictable and emotionally driven performances through character based leading men roles.