Merryn Landry

Merryn Landry was born in Rome, Italy, and travelled the world with her family until she moved to the US in 1996. Her high school years were spent in Cincinnati Ohio, where she was very active in creative activities such as theater and band. She joined the Thespian society as a sophomore and won the Thespian state title of best costume designer in 2000, she then went on to compete nationally, but got disqualified during her presentation for being too funny, and talkative. Landry then went on to Kent State University, where after changing her major several times went with Media Production and Writing, and Media Engineering, and for funsies, a minor in Marketing.

After college Landry moved to Los Angeles California, and spent a few years establishing herself in the production world as an engineer. But soon, her creative talents were to pull her back to her love of performing and writing, and she went on to study at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) completing the improv and sketch program. After spending four years at UCB, she felt it was a time for a change, and started Groundlings in the fall of 2017. It was during this time as well that Landry, went “hard” in her theater experience, starring as a lead in Shake spears’ Much Ado About Nothing, and cast member of the Whitefire theater in Sherman Oaks. She wrote and produced two shorts that were critically acclaimed, “Therapy for the Devil” winning best dark comedy in the LA Live Fest in 2018.

Currently, Merryn has graduated from the core track program at the Groundlings Theater, and is now preparing for the Performance Track, which is the very competitive and intense writing program at The Groundlings. Being part of “Pulse of the City” has been a great privilege and delight and has loved being part of the process of the play going from table read to Fringe Fest. Merryn would like to thank Courtney for her brave and courageous endeavors and having her be a part of this monumental piece. Merryn also thanks her parents, family and friends for all the love and support they give her.