Rhea Cutillo

Born 1987 in Philadelphia, PA, Rhea Cutillo is primarily a visual artist, with academic training in Philosophy and Fine Art. Inspired by the natural world, her paintings are meant to be expansions of space into the immaterial or cerebral realms. At the crux of her creative process is an ambiguity of identity; her work seeks truth in the universality of the human condition. Her practice often bridges into the lands of film and story telling, with designed spaces seen internationally. The Physicists is both her debut into theatre as well as wardrobe styling.


CORINA: FROM LAP DANCE TO SUNDANCE is a one-woman show about finding purpose and direction to a life long dream in the least likely of places. A story of family, tradition and perseverance. SC Honorable Mention- HFF19

Once Upon The First

It's a story about Asian American children figuring out who they are and how to be themselves!