Chela Demuir Cartier

Chela loves to play video games, which surprises people. Her favorites are the ones with missions, puzzles, and saving the world from ultimate destruction – something she tries to do in her everyday life too.

Chela founded the first organization for and by Trans women in California; the Unique Woman’s Coalition in 1994 to dedicate its work to the empowerment, advancement and awareness of Trans people.

Till recently she considered herself more the behind the scenes type, she’s now executive producing a new talk show “Chela & the #GirlsNextDoor”.

Do NOT look at her crazy when she whips out a hand fan. She runs HOT and needs air at all times! So inhale people, because Chela is truly a breath of fresh air, hand fan or not. Keep up with Chela on social media @ChelaDemuir

"Birthday" by Michael David Ker

A comedy about one man losing it all in a year - his parents and home - and finding his way to rise from the ashes in an attempt to celebrate life.

Sunbathe in Darkness

In the distant past of 2007, Casey writes fanfiction for the hit Alfie Wunderkid series of books. She writes really, really, really bad fanfiction. On purpose.