Katie Stevens

Katie is super thrilled to be a part of Fringe this year, especially in such a tea-riffically fun show (that was painfully bad and she thoroughly apologizes)! She is an actress and illustrator, still relatively new to Los Angeles as she was born and raised in New Jersey. She earned her BA in Theater/Acting at Ramapo College of New Jersey before moving out west and studied illustration. Her favorite previous performances include Eliza in Pygmalion, Cecily in The Imprtance of Being Earnest, and Marjorie Baverstock in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. Her most recent credit is at the Glendale Centre Theatre where she is currently portraying Willa and Emmeline in the children’s theatre production of The Snow Queen. She has a great passion for comedy as well as American history, making her ideal show Martha Washing Killed A Redcoat. It’s kismet.