Bradley Pierce

I first experienced the awesomeness of Fringe during the Opening Night Party of 2016. I was attending as a guest of the incompararable Bella Luna (Fringe’s Cabaret Director). We had arrived early and through some sort of cosmic alignment I was able to get behind the bar and help out. I found a groove quickly and really enjoyed my time there that night. It turned out to be the first night of several that I was lucky enough to spend at Fringe Central. The people and energy of Fringe are amazing and almost as intoxicating as the drinks. There are no friendships quite like Fringeships and I can’t wait for this year.

I started bartending shortly after I turned 21. I was looking for a job that allowed me flexibility to continue pursuing acting, so I went through a bartending training course and then got a job at a restaurant. During the few years I worked there, I found I really enjoyed the fast paced, friendly, and dynamic work that is bartending. It was the perfect fit for me. I started working at other types of bars ranging from nightclubs to hotels. I’ve held several positions including bartender, manager, loss prevention, auditing, and menu consulting. I am currently working full time at the Hollywood Pantages theatre, a bar that has been my on again off again home for 11 years.

This year as Bar Manager I am excited to be more involved with the sponsored drink program, helping Fringers spread their name throughout the crowd by creating memorable libations that are branded for their shows. I also can’t wait to be a part of the experiences and the parties that bring the incredible people of Fringe back again and again.

I’m part pirate, and more often than not, I am why the rum is gone.

I look forward to seeing last year’s Fringers and meeting all the new ones, so come on down to Fringe Central and grab a drink!