Brittanie Richardson

Brittanie Richardson is the founder and executive director of Art and Abolition- a non profit which exists to heal, protect and empower young girls who have survived sexual violence in Kenya through art therapy, foster care, economic empowerment, and education. She has joyfully given her life to share love and with oppressed persons in marginalized and impoverished communities in East Africa and lives to see the power of Love bring freedom, equity, joy, and creativity.
After years of performing arts training and performing in the USA and South Africa, Brittanie began her work by launching an art therapy program in South Africa which allowed children suffering from trauma to find healing through the arts. After seeing several children complete that program successfully, Brittanie moved to Mtwapa, Kenya and served as the house manager for a rescue and rehabilitation home for child survivors of sex slavery. She also served as coordinator of a campaign in primary schools aimed at preventing child prostitution before it starts by educating children about their value and identity, and empowering them to make good choices concerning their bodies.
Over time Brittanie realized that she is most fulfilled by pursuing art and it’s healing qualities while working to abolish child sex slavery at the same time. She then founded Art and Abolition, which is a marriage of the two. Her heart is to see survivors not only rescued, but also fully healed, and empowered to live wholesome, creative, and colorful lives. She also enjoys singing, brunching, reading, traveling, worship, and dancing. When she’s not dreaming of a rape-free world she is probably dreaming of a world where every night is girls night with her best girlfriends having girl talk, drinking wine, and laughing until the sun comes up.