It's Personal

Our Mission
Our mission is to give back to the community by bringing art to L.A. and donating to a charity that is dear to our hearts. It’s Personal has had 5 shows in 2017. We are currently on our 3rd show in 2018. We have had a very successful turn out as well as some amazing feedback from our audience. At our show, “It’s Personal: Love” we were able to raise $243 for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. We will be asking for donations for a different charity at each show in order to give back to our community. Below are some of donations that were made to amazing charities.

Child’s Play Charity
Planned Parenthood
Philando Castile Scholarship

​Riley Billingsley and Liz Kummer met at Columbia College in Chicago. They experienced solo performance and both took a liking to it. Being thrown into such a vulnerable state on stage was incredibly freeing. “It’s Personal” is a performance group in L.A. sharing some of the best, funniest, scariest, truthful moments on stage. They are excited to bring a group of people together to laugh, cry, and most importantly relate. What’s your story?

“It’s Personal” is a collection of solo performances written and performed by the cast. At our rehearsals, each performer brings pieces that reflect their individual feelings and point of views of anything; whether it be their relationship with their parents, their devoted love of cheese, their struggle with their identity, or their first love. Performers get real on stage and include an interesting activity to bring their story to life.