Bil Dwyer

Hi. I’m Bil Dwyer. For Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012, I present to you “Bil Dwyer is THE GAME MASTER!”

I have hosted and starred in such television shows as “Comedy Central’s Battlebots,” “The 70’s House” on MTV, “I’ve Got A Secret” on GSN, and “Dirty Rotten Cheater” on PAX. I also starred as wacky dad and guidance counselor Ken Roberts in Cartoon Network’s first live action television series, “Out of Jimmy’s Head.”

It all started with standup comedy for me, with appearances on many now defunct standup comedy cable shows, and multiple appearances on “The Late Late Show” and “The Tonight Show.”
I have performed a live show at a previous Fringe Festival, “Elementary: One Man’s Story of Drop Off Lanes, Inappropriate Backpacks, and Someone Else’s Lice,” and this time, I present to you, “Bil Dwyer is THE GAME MASTER.” A big fun game show with six celebrity friends playing games with rules that I make up and break whenever I want.

Is that too much like a bio?