Jay Dutcher (she/her, he/him)

Director, Producer, Stage Manager, Visual Artist

JAY DUTCHER (she/him) is a queer theater-maker, visual artist and avid participant in L.A.’s independent theatre community, and has directed, produced and stage managed productions with Sacred Fools Theatre Company, LOFT Ensemble, Flat Tire Theatre Company, Skypilot Theatre Company, and more. As a multidisciplinary artist, she uses her variety of skills to assist in telling and elevating personal stories, encouraging vulnerable storytelling, and providing the freedom to play, heal, and connect with one another through art and performance. She is currently the Administrative Director for About…Productions (aboutpd.org). Previous Hollywood Fringe credits include CRINGEFest: An Uncomfortable Anthology (Flat Tire Theatre Company, 2017) and Jordan Maverick, History Teacher (Sacred Fools Theatre Company, 2019).