Daniel Lagunes

Daniel Lagunes was born and raised in Sunny Southern California. At 22, he is ready to dive right into the unpredictable industry we know as Hollywood. Young and fresh to the scene, he recently graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from AMDA: College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles.
“Life’s a BITCH and So Am I” is Daniel’s first professional show since graduating in June 2016, however, he has been in love with performing ever since he could remember. He got his first taste of the stage as a freshman in high school, and instantly fell in love. He knew that performing was what he’d do with the rest of his life.
During his time at AMDA, Daniel studied with some of best instructors and working professionals that the industry has to offer including: James Bontempo, Anthony Mark Barrow, Barbara Schofield, and Eve Gordon. He has also become certified by the Society of American Fight Directors in the fighting styles of unarmed: hand-to-hand combat and rapier/dagger, with direction from Lacy Altwine, Tim Brown, Charles Currier, and Nate Mitchell.
Some of Daniel’s inspirations in his life include: Ian McKellan, a remarkable LGBT actor who never let boundaries get in his way or put him in a box, and his younger brother, Justin, who feels responsible to make the world a better place at only 15 years old.
Even with all of his training, Daniel understands that the life of an artist isn’t always the easiest ones, especially to a new player in the game; but he remains optimistic and passionate about telling stories that need to be told. His love for his craft is unbreakable and he’s ready to take on the storm.