Marc Peter Reyna

Marc Peter Reyna is an actor-writer who toured for many years with the Covenant Players, an acting troupe that performed original plays throughout the world. He is the co-author (with James Harmon Brown) of DIAMOND STARS, a baseball novel that will be published in 2017 and the writer-performer of MUNGO! (also written with Brown), a one-man show about the life and times of colorful 1930s pitcher Van Lingle Mungo, which will have its world premiere as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival starting on June 1, 2017.

An American Video Store

Taking place over 3 pivotal moments in the history of the American Video Store, our intimate story of clerks and customers examines the rise and fall of a cultural phenomenon that defined a generation.

SYLUS 2020

The most evil man in the world, Sylus Rothchild is running for president! Join him and his campaign manager Dragon puppet in this fast paced, dark comedy.