Shelbe Chang

Shelbe Chang was born in Taipei, Taiwan and came to the US when she was twelve years old. She grow up in Orange County, California and dreamed of being an actor, director and screen writer.

In 2012, when Shelbe came out as a transgender women, she began to get involved with the Southern California transgender community. In 2013, she expanded her talents as a contributing writer for Transformation Magazine and created content for Cinegeoff’s blog and she started her own independent production company called, Transflix Productions. In 2014, she began her film making career by writing, producing, directing and acting in her first feature indie film called, LGBT Love Stories. She received The Shine Transgender Community awards for Film/TV in 2015 then later that same year she joined team of a trans short film, Diane From the Moon as the Executive Producer.

Shelbe is so grateful for the opportunities to pursue her dreams in filmmaking and to reach her goals to empower transgender voices and raise awareness for transgender lives both in front of the camera and behind the camera.