Shirley Anderson

As a conservatory, classically-trained actor, I honed my craft and pursued my lifelong dream of becoming an accountant for a large, international contemporary fine art gallery.


The first part is true. Actually the last part is, too. The middle part … meh.

Trained at Boston University, Northwestern University and have honed my craft in various locations like Chicago, Los Angeles, Edinburgh and Saratoga Springs, NY (SITI Company at Skidmore College).

98.5% of all my theater work has been the development of new original work for the stage. I self-produced, directed, wrote and performed all over Chicago for about 10 years before moving to Los Angeles, when one dream quickly slowed down and the accounting “dream” took flight. While in Los Angeles, I’ve worked with Sacred Fools, Theater Movement Bazaar, Zoo District, Son of Semele, Smart Gals and Padua Playwrights. I have also worked independently as a consultant and director for solo work.

And yes, I direct business operations for a contemporary fine art gallery with locations in Los Angeles, New York City and Tokyo, Japan.

…. and scene.