Pruella Tickledick

Pruella Tickledick is thrilled to be a member of Butterbean Arbuckle’s Halfwits Wonderhour. Pruella has travelled all over the world performing in exotic places like Hawaii and The Grand Canyon. She understudied an actual Viking on an Icelandic boat tour which received critical acclaim in the Alaskan Times. Pruella trained at The Cock institute in Paris and one summer school semester at Julliard. She is thrilled to be making her Hollywood Fringe debut. She would like to thank her cat Lilly for putting up with all her vocal warm ups. And her neighbors.


When a 5 year old uses a racial epithet a man sets fire to his relationship with his sister, setting into motion a series of events that have tragic consequences for both of their families.

A Tribute to Doug

A live action adaptation of the first episode of Nickelodeon’s cartoon masterpiece, Doug.