Valerie Alexander

Valerie Alexander is an author, speaker, filmmaker and coach.

Her books include, “Happiness as a Second Language: A Guidebook to Achieving Lasting, Permanent Happiness,” “Success as a Second Language: A Guidebook for Defining and Achieving Personal Success,” and "How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having “Female Brains”)." She writes for a number of media outlets and her articles on The Huffington Post have been viewed more than 3 million times.

As a professional speaker, Valerie travels the country with her entertaining and informative talks on “How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace,” teaching women how to develop instincts needed to advance in the corporate world, and her inspirational “Speak Happiness!” series of workshops and keynotes, helping companies, employees, entrepreneurs, artists and others stay positive, move forward, increase productivity and maximize profits by making happiness a priority. For more details, please visit her Speaker Page:

As a screenwriter, Valerie has worked with Joel Schumacher, Catherine Zeta Jones, Barry Sonnenfeld, Ice Cube and others. She co-wrote, produced and directed the award-winning short film, “Making the Cut,” as well as numerous commercials and public service announcements for causes she believes in, including the groundbreaking marriage equality spot, “Say I Do.”

Valerie spent her pre-Hollywood career in the Silicon Valley where she worked as a corporate securities lawyer, an investment banker and an Internet executive.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, writer-producer Rick Alexander, and their ill-mannered German Shepherd, Pepper.