Sonya Wilson

Sonya Wilson (ASL Master) has worked for over 15 years as ASL Instructor, college professor, Hollywood consultant, workshop designer, and presenter for various entertainment industry clients such as Dreamworks, Mark Taper Theater, Cricket Feet , and more. She currently works as coordinator and teacher of new ASL programs at several school districts. She has worked on various film projects and stage productions like Mark Taper’s “Tribes” and “Pippin”. An avid Deaf mountain climber and adventurer, Sonya is an advocate for ASL bilingual access for Deaf toddlers. She was a guest on Sorenson’s NTouch Deaf Kids, Reading Rainbow and Access Hollywood. The Labador in the picture is Stacy a service dog who also hangs out at rehersals.

As a veteran educator, she brings wisdom and insight to the project.She is honored to serve as ASL Master for this Romeo and Juliet production.