Melinda Hughes

Melinda “Mindy” Hughes is a stand-up comedienne, actress, comedy writer, and producer.

In 2011, Melinda took the prize out of eighty comediennes in California’s Funniest Female. She won the MacKenzie Theater Comedy Contest and hosted the 2011 Cutter Awards, an awards show honoring movie trailer editors sponsored by Sony. One might say she’s funny. Ya know, for a girl.

Melinda can be found stimulating funny bones across the country in venues like The Comedy Store, The Improv, and the men’s bathroom at your local Denny’s. Her YouTube channel, which features comedic sketches and musical parodies, attracts millions of viewers each week.

Melinda received the Cleveland Arts Prize and the David Rounds Theatre Prize. She’s also received accolades for being f&%#ing awesome. Her mom hates when she swears.

In Los Angeles, Melinda is always doing something really fun. Besides performing stand-up comedy all the time like a boss, she scuba dives, drinks wine, and plays the violin, not necessarily in that order. She is a doggie mama to her rescue dog, Ama, and owns a fitness facility in Pasadena, California where she works on her physical fitness. She likes fine Italian men, the color pink, and chocolate chip cookies, not necessarily in that order.

She wants you to tweet her @melindahug and follow her Facebook, and subscribe to her Instagram, and read her blog, and join her YouTube channel, and become one of her “sweet potatoes” because then they’ll give her a sitcom to be on and she can buy that llama she’s always wanted. She really wants a llama. But really, who doesn’t?