Peggy Sinnott

Peggy Sinnott is a piece of trash that got stuck on (and is now permanently attached to) a garbage island floating in the ocean. Her acting and writing has been featured on: FOX’s ADHD, TruTV, Rooftop Comedy, TVGuide, Funnyordie, and College Humor. She performs stand up and sketch around LA at: UCB, The Comedy Store, Comedy Central Stage, Flappers, Westside Comedy Theater, iO West, Second City and Staten island (you know, cause it’s an island made of trash! Get it?)

Peggy is the proud co-creator of “Two Girls One Bard,” a stupid two woman version of Romeo and Juliet (the tech guy at a recent festival really liked it, and those guys are dead inside)!

Tweet with her: @peggysinnott

More comedy content, live show info, etc at:

And sincere apologies to all the dolphins and endangered sea turtles she’s choked to death.