Mauricio Gomez

Mauricio Gomez Amoretti is a Venezuelan actor with more than ten years of acting experience in his country, in theater, television and films. He is an alumni of Universidad Central de Venezuela where he obtained his Magna Cum Laude degree in Performing Arts. His training includes dance, Decroux’s Mime Technique with Thomas Lebhart in France and a 500 hour Ashtanga Yoga certification with Source of Yoga. For the past few years he has being part of Venezuelan physical theater company Rio Teatro Caribe, both as an actor and as an Assistant Director. In Los Angeles he has studied clowning with Aitor basauri and worked with Selen Ermanav Dance Company, Mimmoda Jazzo Gruppa and ARTEL. He is a founding member of Sea Change: an organization providing arts education by theatre practitioners to correctional facilities. He also belongs to Cirque du Soleil data base for future projects.