david McCarthy

David spent his teenage years growing up on 8 acres of land in the back woods of Florida. He helped raise almost every kind of animal while living there with his two brothers.
He moved to NYC where he spent time riding his skateboard around during the late nights and studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. There, he was blessed to meet his future wife and some truly great acting teachers that would change his acting work and life forever.
He is very proud to be part of the cast of the premier of “Zip Ties”. He also works with Lost Siblings Productions, a production company founded by his wife Patty Gliniewicz, that is a voice for the working class. He is an animal and film lover, motorcycle rider & is a passionate book reader of all topics.
David firmly believes that acting as an art form should not only entertain people but can and should deeply inspire and move us all to think and imagine other lives and ways of thinking that we would never dream of before.