Lucky Mor

Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Lucky used his imagination and creativity to escape his humble upbringings. Moving to Los Angeles in 1999 earning a bachelor’s degree in music he began to write short stories that lead to creating, writing, and producing various digital series Couples Counseling, award winning comedy Paula Deen’s Best Delicious, and the critically acclaimed, award winning F__K I Love U. STILL… is his 1st experience as a playwright along with the theatre interpretation of F__K I Love U: ALIVE! Lucky’s mission is to have an audience member see a character he created that does not look like them, talk like them, share their values, but feel connected with them on a spiritual level.

Radicals: A Bollywood Musical Drama

A gripping Bollywood Musical about a love story struggling to survive in the war-torn valleys of Kashmir. Through action, dialogue and dance, Radicals tackles Islamophobia and the trauma of warfare on innocent lives.

How To Be A Rock Star

Sam Pocker teaches you how to become a rock star using commonly found household items. 18+, no experience required.