Geoffrey Rose

During the 80s and early 90s identical twin brothers Geoffrey and Sam Rose made their livings in the music business as singer/songwriters and music producers. In Chicago they fronted the band “Roscoe,” playing the Lincoln Avenue club scene five to six nights a week. They then moved to Los Angeles and formed the bands “Stereo,” “Matches” and “Blue Tango."

Among some musical milestones were a top 10 adult contemporary hit, “Nothing But the Radio On,” for Dave Koz; “The Ride,” a song they wrote and performed for the first Karate Kid movie, and “Be There Now,” a commercial jingle for J. Walter Thompson and Sprint that aired during Super Bowl XXVI, the title of which has been permanently adopted by Sprint, the “Now” Network. With “POP!" they’ve teamed up again to create a nostalgic romp with an original score that celebrates the music and spirit of one of music’s most remarkable decades.