Ray Burley Productions

We believe in making thoughtful, thought-provoking theatre. We believe that theatre should be accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone who makes art is equal in the process.

What’s in a name:
In Seattle, there was a purple and teal house, and once a man named Ray Burley left behind his scrapbook in this house. His scrapbook was filled with love. He was sad that he’d lost his scrapbook. Some people who would someday form a theatre company found his scrapbook. They tried to find Ray Burley. They offered a reward to anyone who could find Ray Burley. They gave the reward to someone who found A Ray Burley, but it was not THE Ray Burley. They never gave up hope, but months of searching left them without a Ray Burley. They finally had their first production meeting in a coffee shop. Their first order of business… The most important order of business… What shall we name our new company? They went to the counter to order coffee. Do you know who made their coffee for them? Do you? Ray Burley. RAY * BURLEY!

They named their company after him. It’s a really cool scrapbook. He has it now, and it has grown.

Some philosophies we abide by:
Everything is political, whether it intends to be or not. We pay attention to what we’re saying and we work to say what we mean to say.

Everyone who works on a project owns the projects. Actors, writers, directors, stage managers, stage hands, designers, administrative staff… everyone shares equally in ownership over the project. To this end, any proceeds from a show is split equally between the artists working on it.

Collaboration is cool. Theatre is art. Let’s have fun.

Every audience member is created equally. Some people have more money than others. We would like the people with less to be equally able to see our shows. To that end, ticket prices are on a sliding scale following a complex algorithm that boils down to pay-what-you-can (with the suggestion that you donate 1/5000th of your yearly household income after subtracting your standard deduction).