Tai Paschall

Dubai’s King of Urban Comedy
Tai OptimusGrind Paschall is an American comedian and performer who has been described as “half-hood”. His irresistible urban style falls somewhere between a Drake and Linkin Park mash-up. He began performing in small clubs in Houston until he became a regular at the city’s legendary “ Jus Jokin’ “ While there Tai performed for mega comedy superstars like Kevin Hart and Oscar winner Monique.
Tai now lives in Dubai where he performs regularly throughout the U.A.E and is a member of Dubomedy and Dubai Laughing; a group of stand-up comedians and improv performers. He is also the co-host of a weekly international podcast featured on iTunes called The Brew: A Podcast for Bros. Tai just recently finished an international comedy tour performing in Amsterdam, Romania and Thailand.
Contact: [email protected]
Twitter: @mrfatmanswag
Live Performance: youtube.com/mrfatmanswag