Elise Hodge

EMH Productions supports the art of acting, directing, producing and writing through casting director workshops, live theatre productions, film and TV. My goal is to provide an arena that artists in this industry can network, grow their craft and find support to achieve their dreams. Sound a little vague? Well, I get that. I started EMH as simply a casting director workshop company. It has grown into a way for me to produce, direct and act in live theatre to promote my own work as well as those I want to work with. I am now growing past that into taking on film and even working towards a TV/Cable/Internet Station. Through all this, I take those with me who truly want to be actors, directors, producers and writers. I have a drive and if you show me you do too, I am happy to provide avenues of support to help you attain your goals. If you succeed, so do I. When I succeed, so do you!