Meagan Daine

Meagan Daine was born and raised in East Texas. She worked as a server, an editor, an ESL teacher, a “jolly” in a Roman dance club, and a private investigator before becoming a full-time writer. Meagan’s stage plays have been performed at The Road Theatre Company, Greenway Court Theatre, Stay Awake Theatre, and the Athena Cats Theatre Festival, among others. In 2017, Meagan wrote three episodes of the sci-fi/thriller anthology-style web series THREADS from New Form Digital, a joint venture of Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Discovery Communications. Meagan’s first feature, WEST OF REDEMPTION (Kairos Productions, starring Billy Zane) premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in May 2015 and was released by Indican Pictures in January 2019. She is a writer on the Parcast podcast series CULTS and is writing an episode of the new one-hour drama GAMES PEOPLE PLAY, which premieres on BET in April 2019.