Celine Nyanga

Céline is a playwright, writer and screenwriter originally from Paris, France. A passionate traveler, she settled in Los Angeles a few years ago. After graduating from film school in Paris, where she wrote and directed a short film and a documentary, she worked on several feature films as an assistant director in France.
Céline has written poetry, short stories and screenplays both in French and in English. Uterine Affairs, originally written in French, is her first play, which she translated herself. An eclectic when it comes to art forms, Celine is especially interested in the various forms of absurdism and surrealism, as her work shows it.
Céline works as a translator in Los Angeles.

Lady Barbe-Bleue is an artist collective created by Celine Nyanga and Spanish writer/producer Monica Gozalbo to explore various visual and literary art forms. Uterine Affairs is Lady Barbe-Bleue’s first venture into theater.