C. E. Jordan

I have a solo show entitled The Ojai Show, Notes on a Country Childhood, based on my own poems about a magical 5 year period in Ojai California as a kid from 7 to 12 years old on a ranch. I have found it communicates deeply with people of all ages and backgrounds. The show is 75 min., is happiest in a more intimate space, and is a winning hybrid of words that dazzle, dance, music and real down home tenderness. I just learned of The Hollywood Fringe Festival and would love to be part of it. Now for a little leap back in time, I participated in the one and only Fringe Festival LA back in 1987 when I commandeered the McArthur Park Bandshell for free from the City of LA and put on a dance theatre opus all about LA called L.A Breakdown. Hey, I would like to be part of another Fringe Festival. Last time I had 30 or more performers, this time it’s just me, my music guy and a lot of great words. Fun will be had by all just like last time!