Bianca Wugofski

BIANCA WUGOFSKI is a looney. She graduated from The University of Texas with a BA in Finance and minor in Marketing, and currently works at an advertising agency. She despises LA traffic and misses Tex-Mex, but she digs the beach, palm trees, and hikes.

Having danced for 16 years, her repertoire is mostly ballet, but her favorite roles are The Sylph in ‘La Sylphide’, Giselle in ‘Giselle’, and The Porcupine in ’Br’er Wood’. Bianca is excited to be a part of ‘Home’, and is stoked (but slightly terrified) to marry actor Will Brittain in August.


Staying relevant is a full-time job, and the last thing you want to be is #Cancelled. A washed up child star. An up-and-coming music producer. An “influencer-by-accident”. What do they have in common? An internet scandal big enough to break them.