Sasha Fisher

Sasha is a recent graduate of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She moved to LA at the beginning of February 2014. Whilst in England, she worked as an actor for about a year (and did the Edinburgh Fringe…relevant!) But then her dreams came to a dramatic, crashing halt and she moved back home to Plattsburgh, New York to live with some super cool roommates (who totally aren’t her parents) called Kimberly and Walter Fisher.
Whilst in Plattsburgh (Platts Vegas to some), she decided to cope with her boredom by writing an explicit graphic novel about her sexual awakening that she is currently trying to publish. Once she finally made it to LA, she decided to turn this comic into a multimedia (oooh!) one-woman show.
A show that tackles some BIG ISSUES: Feminism. Masturbation. Pirates. Andrea Dworkin. Splooge.

Praise for the Graphic Novel “Shame Based Fun” include:
“This generation’s answer to post-third wave feminism, a fascinating exploration into the ways in which our sexually-saturated, patriarchal culture affect women around the world; a genius piece of work, an almost Kafka-esque portrayal of the virgin/whore dichotomy. With puppets”
-Someone soon probably

“This is disgusting! You’re sick! Why would you let me read this, Sasha? It’s Filth! I’m your father, I don’t wanna see this stuff!”
-Walter Oliver Fisher