David Love

David Love hails all the way from Thousand Oaks, California, a.k.a., the safest city in America. He grew up in a pink house on Periwinkle Lane, and struggled with a debilitating case of O.C.D., just the right fodder for a one day comedy writer. Most recently David worked as a staff writer on FX’s “Partners” with Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammar (premieres 8/4/14). In addition to his passion for writing, David is a Muay Thai and Krav Maga expert, a world traveler, and the undisputed Donkey Kong Champion of the Valley. In 2012 David was lucky enough to marry Melissa Scrivner Love, a beautiful and extraordinarily talented drama writer who is, at least for now, much more successful than himself. Together they live in the Pacific Palisades with a friendly pitbull and coming soon… a baby girl. L’Chaim!