Alexis DeLaRosa

An NYC native, a Wesleyan graduate and a proud member of Theatre of NOTE, Alexis is psyched to be back at HFF! Previous NOTE shows include Disassembly and Hello Stranger. TV credits include Shameless and The Last Ship. Catch him currently in the film Hunter Gatherer on Netflix. Thank you to my wife Crystal for drinking in life with me as much as humanly possible.

Father's Day Sale: "daddydies" on 6/15

Anna St. Hesia Dreams: Anna is trapped in an anesthesia-related coma. Her only way out is to sink deeper into fantasy – a dark fairytale where people weave dreams into tourist destinations.

Dear Mom, Sorry For Being a B!tch

Check out the reviews for Dear Mom! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll cry with laughter!