Tora Kim (NYA, DOCTOR, GRA) began her career in the arts as the teenage founder of seminal New York City rock band Xtatika. She toured internationally as a recording artist and singer, working with Sean Lennon, Ikue Mori and John Zorn. Her stints in New York and LA theater include TWELFTH NIGHT (Viola, NYU), OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD (Major Ross, Playhouse West) as well as experimental theater and art installations, most recently with Marina Abramovic and Debbie Harry at MOCA LA. Television credits include Glee (20th Century Fox) and The Mentalist (CBS). Tora has worked with James Franco and Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black, and has written, directed and starred in the original short films Half/Life and Constellation 13 Wolves. She’s super-stoked to be part of the Fringe Festival this year.