Antonio Alvarez

Antonio Alvarez is a Los Angeles native. He studied with the Atlantic Theater Company in New York, as well as with the Upright Citizens Brigade and Kimberly Jentzen. In addition to his extensive commercial and voice over work, Antonio could most recently be seen starring in ‘Memorial’, a short film that premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

An American Video Store

Taking place over 3 pivotal moments in the history of the American Video Store, our intimate story of clerks and customers examines the rise and fall of a cultural phenomenon that defined a generation.

A Rockabilly Time Travel Musical!

A show with the ridiculous charm of The Monkees & the retro romance of Elvis movies: When Maureen plugs in her vintage mic, it triggers a famous meteorite to send her band, their manager and everyone around them back to the first days of Rock & Roll!