hebe barrera

I am participating in the production of selected scene presentations from the award-winning play by Homer Barrera: Waiting for Callas to Sing . . .

The play was awarded the Grand Prize in the Nosotros International One-Act Playiwriting Competition in 1997. The Los Angeles debut production was directed by notable film, television, and stage artist Mike Gomez (Zoot Suit, the Milagro Beanfield War).

The role of female lead Lucy was brought to life by the late great pioneering actress Lupe Ontiveros (Zoot Suit, Selena, As Good As It Gets), in whose memory the current production is dedicated. The role of male lead Tony was created by outstanding thespian Efrain Figueroa (Ragtime, Star Maps).

In Spanish, the verb esperar mans to wait – - – it also mans to hope. Hope is a balm in hand to ease present pain in anticipation of tomorrow’s song.

What do we do while waiting for the loveliness of Callas’ aria? We sing our own song!

Canta y no llores, Cielito Lindo.

Our work (nuestras obras) is our opera!

My favorite acting roles in other productions have included the Mother in Blood Wedding, Madame Gere in Robert Chauls’ Phantom of the Opera, Birdie in The Little Foxes, Sister in Damn Yankees, the Mayor’s Wife in Bye Bye Birdie, Reporter in Best Little Whorehouse, the grandmother in The Rooster and the Egg (El huevo del gallo), the Mother in Wyandotte, and dona Ana in El burlador de Sevilla. I especially enjoyed creating characters in Penny’s People and in The Pearldivers (award-winning performance). Venues at which I have performed include Nosotros,
Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, Gypsy Theatre, CSULA, LAVC, and ETBC.

The production is also dedicated to our great sister Eva Linnet, our wonderful mother Marie, our other siblings Vicky and Hector, and our late great father Sinforoso Barrera.