Doug Hannah

Doug Hannah, originally from Chicago, graduated from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY with a B.S. in Cinema and Photography with a concentration in Film Production. Doug has been a free lance editor for hour long dramas in Los Angeles for the past five years. He has worked on such shows as BURN NOTICE, THE GOOD GUYS, and WHITE COLLAR. Doug most recently edited the pilot for the new USA show GRACELAND which premiers June 6th and continues through the summer. Doug took the reins in his directorial debut with the short film GOOD NEWS, OKLAHOMA! in which he was able to apply his trademark style of fast-paced editing and storytelling to a production of his own creation. The film went on to screen at over a dozen film festivals world wide and won Best Comedy at The Atlanta ShortFest. Doug found it very natural to be out of the edit bay and on the set, developing a love for collaborating with actors. He is very excited to take what he has learned from film and TV and apply it to the stage in this unique production.