Jan Michael Alejandro

Jan Michael Alejandro is a published and produced poet, playwright, librettist and composer. His poems, musicals and plays have been performed in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and the Bay Area. Jan founded the Los Angeles Limerick Fest, and his limericks have been broadcast on American Public Media’s Marketplace.

Here is what critics have said about Jan’s plays and musicals: “Music and choreography are crowd-pleasers!” LA Weekly “Compelling work! Tantalizing!” Variety “Fine writing and compelling!” “Critics Pick!” Back Stage West

Jan’s produced plays & musicals include What’s the Play About?, Myjovi el Musical, Bad Dad, Letecia, Foreplay, No Rest For Santa, Mountain Road, Baking With Mrs. Claus, Ornament Exchange, Chin Up, Personal Space Invaders, and Common Bonds…

Check out some of Jan’s work on www.youtube.com/user/jansplays and

Sugar Free Foster Care

“SugarFree: Foster Care Cognitive Dissonance” is a solo show that combines psychology, poetry, personal narratives, humor, and lived experiences into a creative theatre play that will grab at the heartstrings.

A Rockabilly Time Travel Musical!

A show with the ridiculous charm of The Monkees & the retro romance of Elvis movies: When Maureen plugs in her vintage mic, it triggers a famous meteorite to send her band, their manager and everyone around them back to the first days of Rock & Roll!