Fugitive Kind Theater

Theater is one of the only live ways we have left to really be together. So that’s what we do. We make big plays, often in little spaces. Our goal is to be undismissable. We want to be part of making theater in Los Angeles vibrant and vital. We want to change the way you breathe, think, and imagine the world. But not the way everyone else does it.

We nicked our name from Tennessee Williams’ play Orpheus Descending. In the play, Carol Cutrere, the lost and lovely debutante who refuses to be what she is asked, says “What on earth can you do on this earth but catch at whatever comes near you and hold on until your fingers are broken?” This rings true for us. Many of us met while doing this play, and we can’t think of a better mentor for making theater in the 21st century than Williams, a master of the Gothic, the poetic, the uninhabited, the lost.

more at fugitivekind.com.

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