Geoffrey Ashley (he / him / his)

writer / producer / director / creator

Currently banished to Hollywood…most likely as hellish, cosmic payback for some seriously bad behavior in a past lifetime…I am Geoff Ashley, a writer, artist and sarcasm enthusiast who enjoys sci-fi, antiques and old cars.

I am especially kind to animals and the elderly and a number of people have told me I am an excellent tipper.

Also, I have an extensive collection of novelty t-shirts and all of my clocks are set to 24-hour time.

Coming of age in America’s heartland fostered the twin survival mechanisms of a twisted sense of humor and a cutting sense of sarcasm.  These were helped along by having a satellite dish — one of those big-ass, analog ones — which exposed me to influences ranging from Garry Shandling and John Waters to John Korty and Monty Python.

I primarily write comedy, science fiction and, at times, comedic science fiction.  In fact, I gravitate toward many types of “genre” concepts, infusing dark, biting humor into all of them while subverting their conventions in surprising ways.