The Ice Cream Palace and Bella Production Evelyn Stettin and Angela Grillo

The BWD team consists of Evelyn Stettin, Susan Joseph and Angela Grillo. Our collaboration has morphed over the last couple years in response to experience, dreamwork and the direction of our work.

Evelyn Stettin began the project as a result of painful experience as a painter who couldn’t paint, a writer who couldn’t write, a singer who couldn’t sing and a dancer who couldn’t dance. Years of work, including the exploration of many artistic, therapeutic and healing mediums, led her to developing Box, Window, Door with Susan Joseph and Angela Grillo. She is currently in her third year of training with Robert Bosnak and Jill Fischer as an Embodied Imagination Coach, working on a book about the BWD process of working with dreams for creative, personal and professional projects, studying Continuum Movement with Emile Conrad and voice with Saul Kotzubei and Beth Gudenrath.

Angela Grillo is a producer, director, actor, and yoga teacher. With a background in Acting from CalArts and dream work,Angela is inspired by how human emotions and thoughts affect our physical well-being and energy. Collaborating on BOX, WINDOW, DOOR has been instrumental for her spiritual and creative growth, personally and professionally.

Susan Joseph aka SackJo22 is a singer/songwriter/music curator. An active
recording artist who collaborates with artists and producers worldwide, she is also the co-creator of sonic installations in art galleries in Norway and San Diego. Susan’s transformative soundscapes have been used for film, theater and art. Susan’s approach to her creative endeavors has been transformed through the process of working on BWD where she has experienced how the inspiration found in discovering the message of dream material infuses her work with rich, resonant imagery.