Fred Blanco

My name is Fred Blanco and I am an entertainer based in Los Angeles, Ca.
I have many years of experience including Improv and stand up comedy.
I produced a show the first year of the Hollywood Fringe called, The Stories of Cesar Chavez.
It’s gone on to tour across the country and Canada on the Fringe circuit and professionally since then. It’s received various awards and reviews and has gone on to performing in the educational sector consistently since then. The Fringe circuit allowed me to give the show the legs it needed to continue commercially and build a name for myself. I am staunch supporter of Fringe and know how valuable it is as an artist and member of my community. The show I’d like to bring to the Fringe this season is a completely different genre and dives deep into the comedy and variety arts world. It’s very silly and perfect the times that we are living in right now. It’s efficacy is in it’s goofball and irreverant deivery. It’s a comedy magic show that pays tribute to Vaudeville and the world of Circus Sideshow. Called , The Great Wildcat Jackson. I look forward to bringing it to HFF.