Michael Kearns

Michael Kearns (Director of Lucky: A Burlesque Tragedy) has devoted much of his theatrical career over the past four decades to the art of solo performance. As a writer-performer, his work has been lauded nationally and abroad. He followed his first solo piece, The Truth Is Bad Enough, with intimacies, a ground-breaking one-man show in which he played six characters with AIDS. As he continued writing his own work (Rock, Attachments, Tell-Tale Kisses), he also began working as a dramaturge (Jenny Sullivan’s J for J and most recently, Alex Davis’s Transitions). As dramaturge-director, he has helmed Precious Chong’s series of Porcelian Penelope Shows, Lan Tran’s Elevator Sex (both Off Broadway) and the 2011 premiere of Cathy Lind Hayes’ Non-Identifying Information. Kearns has also written two books that are considered requisite for anyone intent on going solo: Getting Your Solo Act Together and The Solo Performer’s Journey: From the Page to the Stage.

Sunbathe in Darkness

In the distant past of 2007, Casey writes fanfiction for the hit Alfie Wunderkid series of books. She writes really, really, really bad fanfiction. On purpose.

To Richard!

A world premiere from Hollywood and Edinburgh Fringe award winner Jessica Durdock Moreno. A white lady and a Latino man cross paths in the woods of Connecticut. Chaos ensues. Hilarity abounds. There may be hugging. Discount code HUG for $10 tickets.