Malcolm Moore

Malcolm Moore is an elementary school music teacher in Hollywood, CA. He has been developing his own kids tv show called Mr. Malcolm’s Music Factory that teaches social emotional learning, inclusivity, and mindfulness with puppets, drums, humor, storytelling and singing.

Malcolm has spent his whole life as a professional drummer, drum circle facilitator, behaviorist, and teacher. He’s combined all these experiences into one project: an educational kids tv show that provides kids with hope, dreams, and the necessary skills to be positive enough to make the world a better place.

There is something magical about using your imagination and expanding your emotional confidence. This makes people smile, laugh and rejoice about how good life can be when we embrace cultural diversity and utilize mindfulness to attain shared values & goals.

A portion of the proceeds from Mr. Malcolm’s Rhythm Factory goes to provide musical instruments to kids that cannot afford them via a non-profit organization called Musack. (