Matthew Jacobs

Matthew trained as a theatre director at Hull University Drama Department, where he directed numerous stage productions and studied under Anthony Minghella. Then he went to The National Film and Television School where he trained as a film director, graduating in the early 1980s as both a writer and director. After a short run directing pop promos he got the opportunity to direct a BFI short and as a result of his successes as a TV writer he started to get the opportunity to direct his own scripts and adaptations. Most notably Hallelujah Anyhow and Mothertime, both for BBC Films. Then after a long spell of writing American TV and Film he has recently returned to directing independent feature films in America: “Your Good Friend” (2014) and “Bar America” (2015). He is currently in post-production on “Doctor Who Am I”. He is also an established prize-winning screenwriter and screen actor with many credits, he is best known for “Doctor Who”, “Young Indiana Jones”, and “The Emperor’s New Groove” “Boxing Day” and “Frankenstein.” “Selfish Bitch Of A Daughter” marks his first return to the theatre since the 1980s! Matthew is repped by Sue Rodgers at Independent Talent Group Ltd. in London and managed by Lee Stobby at Lee Stobby Entertainment in Los Angeles.