Adam Kerbel

[email protected]

My name is Adam and I make performances that combine dance with theatre and improvisation to emphasize the messiness and subtle glory the bodily experience, and to propel our awes about things that cannot be rationally understood.

Beyond my own work, I am an actor and improviser performing with ensembles in regional and physical theatre and improvised dance. I grew up in the Antelope and Santa Clarita regions north of Los Angeles. I am excited to be collaborating and making work in this city of great diversity!

2017 is my first Hollywood Fringe. Other Fringes include FringeArts/Philadelphia Fringe, FringeNYC, and Faux/Real Festival.

When I look at performances and write to review them, I choose to look at the work for its values and intentions. Articulating the aspects of a performance or a show that are on display rather than what appeared to please or displease me help to deepen community engagement with the art, and help to raise the bar for the field in general. As an artist, it’s easy to spot reviews grounded in opinion and personal aesthetic. Instead, I encourage fellow responders and reviewers to write as if the artist will respond to our commentary, and without a need to serve our own tastes, so that we provide a critical service to the wider field.